Nikon D850: La Tomatina

My roles: Concept, creative director, shoot director

A palindromic film about two photographers documenting the world famous tomato festival in Buñol, Spain, using Nikon’s flagship D850 cameras.

The campaign was about juxtaposing two different views of the same event, with the centrepiece being an online gallery featuring the two photo essays. As such, the film follows a palindromic structure, with the photographers’ stories mirroring each other. By creating two equal sides to the film, we allow each photographer to tell their own stories.

The narration and the picture edit for each photographer were carefully constructed to mirror each other whilst retaining one coherent narrative across both. I even had music composed that would sound almost identical played forwards and backwards, and if you listen on headphones you’ll notice the stereo channels switch in the middle of the film.

Made at The Telegraph as part of a sponsored editorial campaign.

Thumbnail image by Philip Haynes.