Nikon: The Moment

My roles: Concept, creative direction, project lead

This film documents the process the went into creating the front cover of the Telegraph Magazine in partnership with Nikon and Mediacom. I developed the concept underpinning the partnership, which was to create an audacious shot to feature on the front cover and to form the centrepiece of the cross-media campaign.

Loosely inspired by Salvador Dalí’s 1948 photograph, Dalí Atomicus, the shot combines long exposure with high speed photography in the same take without any post production whatsoever. We even did it with Nikon’s entry-level kit to prove that great photography isn’t out of reach for our target audience — hobbyists who are thinking about purchasing a DSLR.

The campaign was shortlisted for Best use of Content at the 2016 MediaWeek Awards.

Here’s the front cover as it appeared:


Here’s a short case study film, explaining the campaign and showing off the fantastic results…


Some alternatives we considered…


To ensure we got as much content as possible, we had some fun shooting extra roses and some baubles filled with paint and liquid nitrogen as well as a frozen lemon!

Some R&D we shot on a Phantom Flex at 1000fps. We froze the roses in liquid nitrogen, shot them with an air rifle whilst measuring the time in microseconds. This allowed us to see when the most attractive part of the explosion occurs, which turned out to be 60 thousandths of a second after impact. This then allowed us to trigger the flash guns at the correct time for the perfect still photograph. Since these looked so good we also used them as trailers to promote the campaign on social channels.