Subaru Outback Review

My roles: Concept, creative direction and project lead

A branded review for Subaru, featuring former Stig and pro stunt driver, Ben Collins, test drive the car in the Scottish Highlands. This is a montage edit of the three films we produced hosted at

My challenge was that the new Subaru Outback didn’t score well in reviews, because it was rarely tested in the off-road conditions it’s designed for. Subaru needed a content solution that would change brand perception. My insight was that content briefs like this often miss the point whilst trying to create a celebrity-led challenge or an editorial road trip. What do you search for if you’re considering purchasing a car? Reviews, not celebrity challenges or road trips. My solution was to simply create a review, but on the car’s terms.

My concept formed the central theme for the whole cross-media partnership, which went on the deliver 185,492 unique users (beating the KPI by 271%). The videos generated 131,621 views (smashing the 100,000 KPI) and 20720 completed Facebook views. We also achieved the number 1 Google search rank for “Subaru Outback test drive”, outranking Top Gear, Auto Trader and What Car.

The campaign with the Telegraph combined enriching and engaging content with well thought out cross platform execution that has delivered where it matters most – car sales. Not only has it led to one of the strongest launches for Subaru in the past 4 years, it has served to excite the client’s entire dealer network and change perception of what Subaru stands for amongst its core target audience. Beautifully shot, beautifully executed and now beautifully extended as the client has agreed to evolve the campaign to focus on other cars in the range. A glowing reference for just how well this campaign worked.

Leigh Herbert, Associate Director, Mediacom Manchester