The Last Panthers

My roles: Concept, creative direction, scripts

A branded series of documentaries made in association with Sky Atlantic to promote its new drama, The Last Panthers. The show is based on the secretive international diamond heist gang The Pink Panthers, which is responsible for some of the most audacious heists ever. My brief was to drive awareness of the show, whilst also positioning Sky Atlantic as the best premium subscription drama channel in the UK.

My idea was to create a three-part documentary which would introduce the audience to the real story of the real Pink Panthers. A credible introduction to the world Sky Atlantic’s audience are about to enter with The Last Panthers.

My challenge with this project was that we didn’t have the time needed to make contact with anyone associated with the gang, I was also reluctant to use any CCTV or news footage so I could instead create a very cinematic aesthetic. The solution was stylised reconstructions underpinned with rigorously researched narration. The films have a solid journalistic grounding with a premium commercial finish.

Origins, filmed in Serbia, uncovers the birth of the Pink Panthers, how people are recruited and what drives them to a life of crime to start with.


Heists explores the meticulous planning that goes into a Pink Panthers heist, using the theft of a $31 million necklace, the Comtesse de Vendôme in Tokyo, as a perfect example.


Influence looks at the rise of the copy-cat thieves which don’t work by the same code of ethics as the Pink Panthers. Filmed in the Parisian banlieues to explore what drives kids today to a life of crime glamourised by the Pink Panthers.